Oct 24, 2018

Sonos Desktop App – The curious facelift

I recently discovered the amazing power that Sonos delivers. Not only on an audio level, but the way it electrifies an entire building with balanced audio throughout. As an avid music lover, I can’t stand it when the music is turned up to 11 in neighbouring rooms to compensate for the lack of speakers elsewhere.

Anyway to cut a long story short… My love grew for the brand when I downloaded the beautifully crafted mobile app which controls and connects all of the different speakers throughout the building. However, I then gasped in disbelief when I opened up the desktop app to find an outdated windows inspired (sorry windows lovers) interface. For a while I shrugged and let it pass me by. But before long I couldn’t resist to explore my curiosity. The “what if” that always prompts me in fixing problems with design took a hold. So I set out to re design the interface.

Here is the existing design…
And here is my curious rework of the desktop app

I didn’t want to fly fearlessly into the face of confession so felt it was wise to place elements where they’re best know.

Other the the noticeable facelift, the main things I wanted to change with the UX were;

  • The use of reflections and the deep blue removed to match the mobile app.
  • Adding a more user friendly media switching tool
  • Cleaner icons
  • Stacked carousel scrolling to keep the back searches within reach

Fingers crossed for an update of this nature for Sonos soon…

written by James Collins