Feb 11, 2017

Dyslexia & Design

Before I set off on my thoughts about this, try and read the text below and see how you get on.

(Image: Dan Britton)

Wasn’t the easiest of things to engage with was it?

I was diagnosed from an early age with dyslexia and always felt its limitations would always hold me back. That was until I discovered I could channel the disability into design as a fuel. As a dyslexic, I’ve never felt the temptation to sit and read a massive passage of text to understand something. I simply want to be able to understand it at a glimpse. This is where having the cocktail of dyslexia and a short attention span posses as an advantage for crafting any form of design. For example, a consumer will on average allow a window of 3 seconds for a product to communicate the message clearly and effectively.

Dyslexic graphic designers like myself, simply want to make the world an easier and more straight forward place to glide through with relevant and necessary content delivered with ease. In a way, my ethos as a designer relates to the saying, “treat people like you want to be treated yourself.” I set out to design a brand, website, brochure or any other creative item of that nature in the most simple yet impactful way possible for the users ease of consumption.

written by James Collins